Insert this into your bloodstream >>>

It’s Friday, I’ve had very little adult human contact this week, and my teething baby kept me up all night last night.  In an effort to keep some good karma circulating (as well as a little alcohol in our bloodstreams), I bestow this gift on you >>> The Esquire Drinks Database.

I just discovered it, and I got really excited. It’s got a whiskey sour recipe that really should be listed on my Bourbon page. But I wouldn’t want to rob you of such an exquisite piece of work, just because you might not be a bourbon type o’ gal/guy.

And of course, I’m serving up this little freebie with the hot help of Sofia Vergara, hottest woman on the television right now, besides Rose Rollins. (Blessings be to you, Ms. Vergara).


2 thoughts on “Insert this into your bloodstream >>>

  1. When I grow up, I want to be you. You are the coolest.

    Incidentally, I’m only recently discovering the joy of bourbon. I used to be a strictly-Irish guy (Bushmills FTW) but lately my pastor (of all people) has introduced me to some pretty good bourbon. And since it’s not crossing the ocean to get to me, it’s not nearly as expensive as my beloved Irish uisge beatha.

    • Whatevs! You just made my day. Usually I get, “Who the fuck are you?” This was a refreshing shift. Although you may want to rethink that, because my next post is going to be a solicitation for mistresses for my husband. I had some thoughts on your blog post… I’ll go back there. I found it because I know Pete. He was pimping you out on facebook last night. Which makes you a hooker.

      Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, some of my favorite bourbons include Woodford Reserve, Bulleit, and then Elijah Craig if you’re needing something cheaper.

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