Ri Ri Resurrection.

It has been a year of death, and it has been a year of fighting to live. For many people, all over the globe, and for my family.  I find peace in accepting death, participating in the struggle of life, and celebrating that messed up journey of pain and joy.  And I would never be able to make that journey alone.

Today I share with you:

~ Great use of garter belts

~ Big Mouth Billy Bass on the wall

~  Car spinouts

~ Razing buildings

~ Being honest with yourself when you do stupid stuff just because it feels good at the time. And then having the self-respect to admit that stupidity to yourself, and giving yourself the grace to move on.



3 thoughts on “Ri Ri Resurrection.

  1. This Just In: I nominated Your Blog for Most Versitle Blogger!!! Congrats and Enjoy… and feel free to check out My Blog Page mentioning: Blogging Versitile(ly) for all The Details!!! 🙂

    • Wow thanks! And those were some very very kind words you said about me! Happy “Jesus is getting ready to bust the fuck out of his tomb” day to me! Now I’m gonna go read all those other blogs you recommended.
      I hope you have a lovely evening. And thanks for reading my blog!

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