All food should have bourbon in it.

I’ve decided that bourbon is my favorite ingestible item, so I am starting a list of foods I’ve found on the interwebs that respects that.  This may turn into its own blog someday. It’s extremely important.


Beignets in bourboned butterscotch, from

Beignets in bourboned butterscotch brought to you by What’s a beignet, you ask? Who the fuck cares. Look at the picture.

I also want to thank the good folk(s) at for inspiring this.

I’ll just keep adding to this page…


The Hotttttt Toddy (with bourbon or rum)

The Kraken rum. It's good rum. You should try it.

I would be remiss to not add the hot toddy to this page, which tastes great with bourbon or rum. Back in December when my little brother was visiting me here in the arctic circle, we embarked on a journey that led us to the Kraken.  The journey began with me saying to him, “Brudder, we need to find something that I can look forward to having at the end of every day–every single day– that will help me survive this god-forsaken winter.”  We settled on the hot toddy, of which its goodness neither of us had yet tasted. And so it was.

We then discovered that you can make a hot toddy a thousand different ways, with all different kinds of alcohol. So I quickly established “my way” (and therefore the correct way) to make a hot toddy, and that is what I share with you now.  If you decide to use bourbon, I typically enjoy Elijah Craig as my go-to, but you can do whatever the hell you want. It’ll be good–believe me.
  • Make a cup of hot tea (I use Constant Comment, which is an orange spice tea)
  • Add 1 oz (or a shot) (or 2 shots, if you’re needing it) of rum or bourbon
  • Add a spoonful of honey
  • Add a slice of lemon, or a splash (or spoonful) of lemon juice

Put it in your mouth.

Maker's Mark or Elijah Craig are good choices for bourbon.


Spices and Salad Dressings?? Get out.

I never saw this one coming. But you can apparently acquire spices influenced by “the bourbon.”

Here I introduce to you “Bourbon Smoked Paprika“. Genius, people.

Smoked Bourbon Paprika, from Bourbon Barrel Foods.

What can I make with bourbon smoked paprika, you ask??  Dip, bitches.

Smoky Red Pepper and Feta dip.  You’re welcome.

You can also rub it all over your body, like I’m going to do tonight.

These crazy assholes even figured out a way to make a SALAD DRESSING out of bourbon, for all you diet-conscious folk. Made with one of my favorites, Woodford Reserve.



Bourbon layer cake with bourbon ganache. Taken from

Bourbon Layer Cake with Bourbon Ganache and Milk Chocolate Buttercream

Why even bother saying much about it here. Just go to her website (, because the way she described the cake was amazing. You should just go there.

Layers? gooood. Ganache? goooood. Buttercream? goooooood. But who knew you could incorporate bourbon into ALL these things, and then put it in your mouth???!!!  I might just skip all that and poor the ganache in my bathtub and have a little quality time by myself in there.



10 thoughts on “All food should have bourbon in it.

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  3. I’m a fan of the hot toddy. It’s also got (questionable) medicinal properties! Like, when you have a cold – the honey is good for your sore throat (natural antibiotics or something) and the lemon is good for your immune system (vitamin C, checkcheckit) and the booze is good. Period.

    Seriously. Love these when I’m sick.

    • For realz, Daniel! They’ve been a bright spot in my really effed up winter.

      On another note, I just saw in my dashboard that people found this blog by entering the following phrases into their search engines:
      “girls pee milk” and “boob slaping”. Spelled with one p. Who googles “girls pee milk”? I ask this person to come forward and explain it to me. Email me at Because I need to know.

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