Where Milk comes from.

I had an eventful 2011.  Let’s just put it that way.

But it culminated in a Christmas holiday season where I connected and reconnected with some old friends and family who always inspire me when we’re together.  This was not-so-coincidental (in my opinion).  We all follow paths in life that, when we are being true to ourselves, will lead us where we are supposed to go.  The conversations I had with folks over the month of December 2011 convinced me that I really want to do some writing of the things in my head, and some exploring of the things in other people’s heads.

As I took note of this inner voice telling me that this was important, the physical trajectory of the path I was on changed as well.

I left my career to take care of the strong yet delicate beauties that reside within my four walls, some dying, some surviving, some growing, some struggling.  This shift gave me time and space to do some writing and some exploring… with an unboundedness that might make others uncomfortable.  It’s been a fun yet serious experiment for me.  Ultimately this blog has been integral to my coping with my life falling apart, in essence.  It has helped me grieve the way things could have gone, and embrace new directions and navigate difficult waters.

Muses that may accompany this journey, because they always make my brain explode for some reason or another:

Janina Gavankar

Zach Galifianakis

Queen Latifah

Seth Rogen

Monica Bellucci

Ben Stein


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